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At Center For Yoga, we share with our students...

  • Yoga that enhances health, awakens the body, balances emotions, and improves ones' mobility.

  • Classes are sequenced with purposeful intent to directly affect the student's experience of Yoga.

  • Improvements to balance and serenity, providing the opportunity for inner peace and tranquility.

Yoga is one of the oldest systems of personal development.  Evolved over thousands of years, Yoga teaches us how to live in harmony with ourselves and our environment.  At Center for Yoga we welcome you just as you are.  We will find the class that meets your needs and help you grow in your understanding of what Yoga has to offer.  We will assist you in cultivating a safe and effective Yoga practice for reaching your wellness potential.  At Center for Yoga we offer a range of traditions and styles that create a caring environment and welcoming community where students can practice and flourish under the guidance of our kind and experienced teachers.

Chair Yoga

In this class students benefit from the use of a chair for support throughout the practice, exploring new ways to approach the yoga postures to find balance, strength and adaptability.

Gentle Yoga or Ageless Yoga

Gentle Yoga - Ageless Yoga provides exploration and precise practice of yoga postures and breath while providing the student with more guidance, support and use of props. This class is designed for students 50 years and older. You are never too old to reap the benefits of yoga. Limited enrollment.

Yoga Basics

Offers the opportunity to safely experience beginning yoga poses while exploring breath awareness and developing a deeper connection between mind, body and breath. 


Beginner Level

For those new to Yoga and returning students who would like to brush up on the basics before returning to a level 1 class.

Private Yoga Instruction

For individuals and small groups. Please contact a teacher individually for details and prices.

Early Morning Yoga

Will carry you through your workday by warming your heart, energizing your body, and creating a peaceful state of mind. Focus on individual alignment will help you safely experience each pose. Find out how easy it can be to fit yoga into your busy life!

Contact Candace Merkel

Gentle Yoga for Health Challenges

Everyone can do yoga!!! This gentle class is designed for students who want to learn how to modify yoga for their specific health challenges. Each session includes movement (asana), breath awareness/techniques and guided relaxation. Limited enrollment.

Intro to Yoga or Beginners Yoga

This class is typically taught in a 6-8 week session that introduces the novice or those returning from a hiatus from yoga. It focuses on basic elements of the practice to prepare you for entering an ongoing class and feel comfortable and safe.

Occasional Classes

Occasional classes mean just that. When the interest arises or there when a teacher is inspired to hold the class it will be put on the schedule for the duration of the time.


Prenatal Yoga

For all levels of students in their 2nd and 3rd trimester who do not have pregnancy complications. Gentle poses, breath awareness and deep relaxation help relieve physical discomforts and prepare the body for labor and delivery.

Contact Kathy Stover


Explores the art of breathing. Pranayama is the rhythmic control of the breath, its extension and expansion. Pranayama cleanses and aerates the lungs, oxygenates the blood and purifies the nerves. Private instruction also available. Class taught occasionally.

Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Tension

Do you often have a pain in the neck; or tightness in your shoulders and upper back? In this four session series, learn how the yoga approach can help you release chronic neck/shoulder tension at home and work.

Labor & Delivery Workshop for Couples

This delightful workshop, designed for Mom and partner, will teach breathing and relaxation techniques that will enhance your birthing experience. All levels are welcome. Taught on occasion. Kathy has helped many a couple have a positive birthing experience.

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Mom & Baby Yoga

Bring your postpartum body back to its former self while you connect and bond with your baby. Nurture yourself and baby, fostering confidence and body awareness. This class is for babies one to six months.

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Yoga for Common Ailments

Classes focus on the use of yoga for health related conditions (ex: low back pain, sleep issues, depression). Taught by teachers with a deep understanding of specific conditions.