Erin Darden


I have been practicing esthetics for 16 years. I started my journey at the Aveda Institute in East Lansing, Michigan. Throughout this journey I have found the love of creating a safe and loving environment for my clients to feel comfortable and at peace. My heart resonates with in the slow beauty movement. I believe in respecting your skin and do not use harsh ingredients to achieve results. 

I specialize in a facial rejuvenation (Buccal Massage technique) that consists of deep rhythmic movements to bring more life, vitality and a natural glow to the skin. This kind of treatment is very beneficial for those who cope with TMJ and or Bruxism (teeth grinding). While this technique is quite stimulating, it is also remarkably relaxing. 


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You will thoroughly enjoy my botanical based skin care lines that I use in every facial. Each facial is designed for you individually. I rely on my hands and I intuitively perform each treatment without the use of any machinery. 

As an Esthetician, I look at all aspects of my clients lifestyle and diet to help heal and achieve the results from my treatment. I take great care and pride myself in offering a relaxed, healing environment and an experience you can count on.