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Terri Bedford DPT, MTC

Vibrational UPgrade™ System Master Practitioner
Grand Dragon Master Level • Usui Reiki Master

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Manual Therapy Certified

After practicing physical therapy for over 20 years with a specialization in manual therapy and women's health, I have realized through working with my clients that not only can the physical body be involved in the expression of their symptoms but also the mind and spirit. My desire is to balance the person as a whole in body, mind, and spirit for healing to take place. And in this unity of body, mind, and spirit, which I believe is contained in our heart space, I feel we may experience the freedom and the truth of who we really are so that we can then choose to create our life from there. In order to accomplish this I have furthered my training through Dr. Alison J. Kay with certification in energy medicine and applied mindfulness as a Vibrational UPgrade™ System  Practitioner attuned at the  Grand Dragon Master level. Along with that I am a Usui Reiki Master (7th removed in lineage from the founder).


As a Vibrational UPgrade System energy medicine and applied mindfulness practitioner, I help people who feel unfulfilled and uninspired or stuck in their lives to connect to their heart and fully live the life that they desire. I help to restore the body, mind, and spirit balance by the flow of universal life force energy to the tissues and chakras or energy centers of the body.  By using Usui Reiki as a mode of delivery of the targeted Vibrational UPgrade energy into the relevant chakras, body tissues and cellular memory, the energy then "clears" blocked energy, clearing out the subconscious and unconscious blocks and traumas that limit us.  Activations are then created so that healing is brought into the conscious mind  where permanent behavior changes through the retraining of the mind can take place to move you into living the life you desire, living from the heart and living in the freedom of possibility focus rather than problem focus.


By combining Vibrational UPgrade energy medicine and manual therapy as a physical therapist, I can also accelerate the resolution of chronic aches and pain or ailments by the clearing out of the blockages in the chakras that occur from unconscious or subconscious thoughts and beliefs that over time that have resulted in the  physical manifestation of chronic aches and pains.


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