Teachers individually decide to use either Bundles or Sessions.  They also decide their accepted forms of payment and cost of the class.  For information on accepted forms of purchase go to the Teachers tab and select the teacher you are interested in taking a class with.

Class Sessions
for classes taught by the same teacher each week for 6-10 consecutive weeks
Payment for a Session is paid directly to the teacher. Please go to the Teachers personal info or Schedule for time, dates, cost and how to purchase the Session you are interested in.
60 Minute Class Bundles


 4 Classes $52  expires in 45 days

 8 Classes $92  expires in 80 days
12 Classes $123 expires in 95 days

90 Minute Class Bundles


  4 Classes  $60  expires in 45 days

  8 Classes $108  expires in 80 days
 12 Classes $147  expires in 95 days

Class Pricing

Class Sessions are consecutive classes that have distinct start and end dates which are taken weekly with the same teacher at the same time throughout the session dates. These are best utilized for classes that are 90-120 minute classes. Drop-in classes are available for most of the Sessions classes offered. Sessions are offered continuously through the year.


Class Bundles can used throughout the studio with instructors that accept them. Bundles are typically used for the 60-75 minute classes. Bundles can be purchased in 4 to 20 classes. You need a class Bundle for each of the classes you attend if they are with different instructors

Drop-in class fee needs be paid in class to the instructor. That fee is set by the individual instructor. 

Our longer classes (90-120 min) generally do not accept the tiered Class Bundles due to the length versus the cost of the class. These classes are typically taught in the Session model and can be purchased directly with the instructor either in person or if they accept credit cards on their individual teacher information page.

For details on how to register for classes, or for more information about pricing options, do not hesitate to call us at 517.333.9883, or contact the individual instructor you are interested. Any other questions, please leave us a message and we will return it as soon as possible. 

To purchase Bundles or Sessions, please go to the Instructor page (under Pricing and Reg). When online purchasing is available again, you will purchase Bundles and Sessions on their page. For now, purchase them in person with the instructor. Basic Bundle prices and expiration dates are below. 

Refund polices

Class Bundles are non-refundable, and we do not extend expiration dates. However, with the class Bundles you are welcome to bring a friend or family member with you to class to help you complete your package before it expires.

Class Sessions are non-refundable and cannot be extended through to the next session. You can however make up missed classes during the session with the same teacher in a different class they teach. 


Please contact the studio immediately if you have an ongoing medical condition or illness that does not allow you to use the Bundle or the session you have purchased.

Workshops or Training – Refunds are given up to 7 days prior to the event, minus a 25% administration fee. We issue these refunds by check, which may take up to two weeks. If you don’t show up for the workshop, and have not let us know 7 days in advance, you will not receive a refund.

4 Class Bundle

60 minute class

Expires after 45 Days

Cost per class = $13.00

90 minute class

Expires after 45 Days

Cost per class = $15.00

8 Class Bundle

60 minute class

Expires after 80 Days

Cost per class = $11.50

90 minute class

Expires after 80 Days

Cost per class = $13.50

12 Class Bundle

60 minute class

Expires after 95 Days

Cost per class = $10.25

90 minute class

Expires after 95 Days

Cost per class = $12.25

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