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Class Pricing

Center for Yoga is a unique microbusiness that supports each teacher setting their schedule, rates and policies . Though it is adds a step to your participation, we feel that our uniqueness affords the teacher an opportunity to grow and learn all aspects of 'owning' their own business which is empowering and supportive to teaching Yoga as a profession. The teachers at Center for Yoga decide the cost, form of payment and other pertinent policies for their classes, i.e. refunds, health protocols and more. By practicing Yoga with us you support the growth of small businesses!  


The most ideal way to begin your practice at Center for Yoga is to reach out to one of our Teachers via their personal information.  Follow the Teachers tab and select the teacher you are interested in taking a class with. They will provide you with all the needed information you need about their schedule, pricing options and policies.

Class Sessions
for classes taught by the same teacher each week at the same time for 6-18 consecutive weeks. Price typically includes all weeks in the session/semester. 
Payment for a Session/semester is paid directly to the teacher who you are attending a class with. Please go to the Teachers personal info for class times, dates, costs and purchasing options. 

Drop-in or class 

for a drop-in class the fee needs be paid in class to the instructor at the time of the class. The fee is set by the individual instructor.  Please contact the individual teacher to inquire about pricing for the class of your interest. Drop-in class typically means you are stopping in for just one class. 

Class Sessions 

Sessions are consecutive weekly classes that have distinct start and end dates which are taken with the same teacher at the same time, same day of the week throughout the session dates. Center for Yoga teachers utilize the session concept because it allows them to develop your practice and help you grow with confidence over the weeks in the session. It is offered for all classes at the center and drop-ins are typically allowed for most these classes, but check with the teacher as to the availability.  Sessions are offered continuously through the year.

To register for and purchase Sessions, please go to the Teachers page and follow the process for payment and sign-up as indicated by the teacher teaching the class you are interested in.


Drop-in class

This fee is be paid in class to the instructor. That fee is set by the individual instructor. Contact your teacher to inquire about their policies for payment and attendance

Refund polices

Class Sessions are non-refundable and cannot be extended through to the next session. You can however make up missed classes during the session with the same teacher in a different class they teach. 


Please contact your teacher immediately if you have an ongoing medical condition or illness that does not allow you to use the session you have purchased.

Workshops or Training – Refunds are given up to 10 days prior to the event, minus a 25% administration fee. We issue these refunds by check, which may take up to two weeks. If you don’t show up for the workshop and have not let us know 10 days in advance, you will not receive a refund.


Center for Yoga is unique in it's format in offering classes. For questions on how to register for classes, or for more general information about our uniqueness, please email

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