What is a session?
Sessions are consecutive classes that have distinct start and end dates, taken weekly with the same teacher at the same time throughout session dates.  These are best utilized for 90-120 minute classes.
What is a Bundle...
Class bundles can used throughout the studio with instructors that accept them. Bundles are typically used for the 60-75 minute classes. Bundles can be purchased in 4 to 20 classes. You need a class Bundle for each of the classes you attend if they are with different instructors. 

If you are new to yoga, it is ideal to start with a Basics, Level I, Gentle class.  The beginning classes are designed to take the mystery out of how to move the body with understanding and without pain. For students returning after a hiatus, a Basics class is a great way to start. Yoga is non-competitive, and the primary concept is to develop a deeper understanding of yourself while in the poses, as well as your challenges in terms of strength, flexibility and endurance. At the Center for Yoga you will progress steadily, safely and at your own pace with our talented teachers.

In a Beginning Yoga class, you can expect the teacher to provide clear instructions both verbally and visually, so you “experience” each pose before practicing. During instruction, you will see how the use of various props (block, belt, chair, or blanket) will help you achieve each asana/posture. In a beginning flow class you can expect to move at a slower gentler pace that accommodates your learning of the linked poses. You can expect your muscles to feel awakened and energized, or soothed, as each asana/posture addresses different muscle groups both through strengthening and stretching. The use of breath is a key component in the yoga practice and is introduced in some of your first classes.

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