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New to yoga? Let us clarify a few things

What to know for your first class

  • Please remove your shoes upon entry. 

  • You will be asked to fill out a waiver and health form so plan a few extra minutes. 

  • Do NOT leave valuables in your car or entry. Bring them into the studio, there are shelves to store them.

  • Please turn your cell phone to silent.  

  • If you arrive late, it's really OK, we want you to stay, but please wait to enter until the class has finished centering or OMing.

  • We offer all props, clean, neat and ready for use. After class we ask you store them away neatly for the next class.

  • We prefer you leave your water bottle on the shelf in the studio. We do have filtered water for everyone in the entry. 


  • Wear clothing that will allow the instructor to see your alignment.

  • Avoid bulky jewelry, remove your watch.

  • We practice with bare feet. Please come with clean tootsies.

Health and Safety 

  • Center for Yoga is a scent free environment, come to class free of perfume, scented lotion or essential oils.

  • An empty stomach is ideal, eating 3-4 hours before class is best.

  • If you have a specific health concern, are pregnant or menstruating, please inform your teacher so you are given alternatives during the class.

  • Center for Yoga respects your privacy to disclose information of any sort. Your health form offers you an easy and confidential opportunity to share pertinent details that are essential to us as teachers to keep you safe during class. We like to discuss your health concerns one on and and will protect your privacy at all times. 

  • Some teachers or therapists may request their participants be vaccinated for Covid-19 or wear a mask based on their personal health concerns. Check with your teacher/therapist if you have questions. ​​

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Entry To Studios

  • The East entrance is for Studios 2 & 3, Massage & Acupuncture. 

  • The West entrance is for Studios 1 & East Lansing Pilates


Do I need to Pre-Register?

  • Not usually, you are welcome to drop in to any class. You may want to give the teacher a call, just in case. Look at their schedule on their Teachers information page to see the dates and times they are teaching.

What to know about the class itself

If you are new to yoga, or returning after a hiatus, it is ideal to start with a Beginner, Level I, or Gentle class.  These classes are designed to take the mystery out of how to move the body with understanding and without pain.

Each class starts with some quiet time. Students then begin moving about in the asanas (postures) with clear instructions visually and verbally so you experience the postures with confidence and safety. You will be shown how to use the props correctly and while in the poses you can expect to feel stretching, muscle use or relaxation and rest depending on the asana. The use of breath will be suggested quite often and teachers will assist you in anyway you may need by modifying the poses to suit your ability at the time. 

At the Center for Yoga you will progress steadily, safely and at your own pace with our exceptional teachers.

Yoga is non-competitive, and the primary concept is to develop a deeper understanding of yourself while in the poses, as well as developing your capacity in terms of strength, flexibility and endurance and more. The practice becomes a way of moving inward to a deep understanding of the connection between Mind, Body and Breath. 

What is a drop in class?

A Drop-in class is fee paid in class to the instructor. That fee is set by the individual instructor.  Please contact the individual Teacher to inquire about pricing for the class of your interest. Drop-in class typically means you are stopping in for just one class. 

What is a session?
Sessions are consecutive classes that have distinct start and end dates and taken weekly with the same teacher at the same time throughout session dates.  
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