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  • If it is your first class you will need to fill out a waiver and health form, so plan a few extra minutes. 

  • Center for Yoga is a scent free environment. Please come to class free of perfume, scented lotion or essential oils.

  • Please place footwear in designated areas. We request bare or sock feet beyond entryways. 

  • Please do NOT leave valuables in coat/shoe area. Bring them into the studio with you. There are shelves available in the studios for them.

  • Please do NOT leave valuables in your car.

  • Please turn off cell phones and put them away. Vibrate is not off. Please turn off your cell phone.

  • Yoga is an inward activity. Please observe appropriate sound usage as you enter the studios.

  • If you have a specific health concern, or are pregnant or menstruating, please inform your teacher so you are given alternatives during the class.

  • After class, please put away props please return them to the shelves ready to use for the next class.

  • Bring your own mat if you like, we do offer them.

  • If you arrive late, it's OK, we want you to stay, but please wait until the class has finished centering or OMing.






Entry To Studios

Center for Yoga - East Lansing

  • East entrance is for Studios 3. 

  • West entrance is for Studios 1 and 2.

Do I need to
No, you are welcome to drop in to any class.
What is a session?
Sessions are consecutive classes that have distinct start and end dates, taken weekly with the same teacher at the same time throughout session dates.  These are best utilized for 90-120 minute classes.


  • Wear clothing that will allow the instructor to see your alignment.

  • Avoid bulky jewelry; if possible, take off your watch.

  • We practice with bare feet. Please come with clean tootsies.

Food and Water


  • An empty tummy is most ideal, if you eat - we recommend only eating a light nutritious snack meal an hour before class.

  • Drink plenty of water before and after class. 

  • Please leave water bottles on the shelves in the studio.

Ruth on bolster Old IMG_4722.jpg

Things to Know

Do I need to bring anything?
Center for Yoga is fully equipped with changing rooms, mats, props, and restrooms. Props available include 10lb sandbags, bolsters, foam/wooden blocks, & blankets.
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