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1780 E. Grand River

East Lansing, MI 48823


Payment Options

Ruth Accepts cash, check and Credit Cards (with 3% added) for Class Sessions, Annual Fees & drop-ins.

Drop-ins are welcome: 

$17 - 90 minute class

$20 - 105 and 120 minute class

Ruth Fisk

Greetings Everyone!

Here is what VIRTUAL learning will look like

1. You will receive an email from me with a link to your class. This link should get you in for ALL of the weeks of your virtual class. 

2. Click on the link, this will take you to ZOOM and if you do not already have ZOOM it will begin to download it on your computer (or phone) You are welcome to download it before. 

3. You will join the meeting, and you can join a few minutes before, but we will go live when I enter the meeting. 

4. Make sure you have your sound and video on. You will be muted for the class time, but can unmute yourself if you need to ask a question. 

5. Please have props available for use. Keep in mind I can see you, and I am not sure if others can. You will be able to choose your view, it is advisable to choose to only see me. 

I have scheduled 7 classes so far. Your link is for your scheduled class time. Please email me if you want to take two classes a week, or if you want to make up a class. If we are able at anytime be freed up from quarantine, we will meet in person. Though unlikely, I thought it would be a hopeful goal! At this current time we will still SKIP the week of May 11-14. We'll finish up the 10 week session on June 1-3 


The class times listed for the VIRTUAL CLASSES IN YOUR LINK IS CORRECT. 


Most of you have paid for class. If you have not, please send that to me at some point soon. Prices for the 10 weeks are to the right in the session information. 


I am really thrilled we will be able to be together in some way. If you see the list of students in the email and feel that i have missed someone, please forward them the email. 

Wishing you all health and happiness, 


Payment address:

Ruth Fisk/Center for Yoga

1780 E. Grand River

East Lansing, MI 48823




2020 Session II

March 23 - June 3

10 weeks in Session II


VIRTUAL classes are a little different


Iyengar Yoga - Level 2

9:30-11:30am  -  Studio 1

10 week Session - $179.00

 9 week Session -  $161.25

Annual Fee $580 - 38 Weeks in 2020

Iyengar Yoga - Level 3

5:30-7:30 pm  -  Studio 1

10 week Session - $179.00

 9 week Session -  $161.25

Annual Fee $580 - 38 Weeks in 2020

Iyengar Yoga - Level 1|2

7:45-9:15 pm  -  Studio 1 

10 week Session -  $147.50

 9 week  Session -  $132.75

Annual Fee $475 - 38 Weeks in 2020



Iyengar Yoga - Beginner

5:45-7:15 pm  -  Studio 1

10 week Session - $147.50

 9 week Session -  $132.75

Annual Fee $475 - 38 Weeks in 2020


Iyengar Yoga - Level 2

7:30-9:30 pm  -  Studio 1

10 week Session - $179.00

 9 week Session -  $161.25

Annual Fee $580 - 38 weeks in 2020



Iyengar Yoga - Level 1|2

10-11:30am  -  Studio 1

10 week Session - $147.50

 9 week Session -  $132.75

Annual Fee $475 - 38 weeks in 2020

Iyengar Yoga - Level 1|2

5:30-7:15pm  -  Studio 1

10 week Session -  $163.75

 9 week Session - $147.25

Annual Fee $527.50-38 weeks in 2020

Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher of 36 yearsa EYRT 500 and is YECP Yoga Alliance recognized. Ruth is the founder of Center for Yoga, Movement & Massage and continues to bring the community a safe and supportive environment for personal health and wellness.
Spirited and passionate in her delivery of this ancient art and science, with over her 35 years of practice and study, she has worked long-term with some of the most well know Iyengar teachers of our time. She has studied in Pune, India with the Iyengars and continues to travel to India to study with Jehangir Palkhivala and his mother Dhan, one of the first Iyengar teachers ever granted permission to teach for BKS Iyengar.
Ruth moved to Michigan 25 years ago where she had been teaching at the first yoga center she opened; Yoga Center Santa Cruz. It too was the first yoga center in that area! Then after moving to East Lansing she implemented and began developing the yoga program at the Michigan Athletic Club and taught there for many years. Finally in 1997, she opened The Center for Yoga in East Lansing, Michigan. Her original reason for opening the center grew out of a desire to teach in an environment that supported the broad nature of yoga and it has since grown to fulfill one of her greatest dreams-which is to provide a space for teachers and students to uphold the traditions of yoga and fully bring them into their lives as a profession and a lifestyle and practice. One of Ruth's greatest joys in teaching is to watch students grow through the natural evolution of yoga in their life and how it touches on many levels, inspiring their commitment to their health and life's purpose.
Please contact Ruth for more information if you have any questions at all:
NEW DATES FOR Ruth's Session II 
March 23rd-June 3
SKIP; May 11-13

Ruth is dedicated to teaching Iyengar Yoga in a traditional and kind manner, with humor and self-reflection

About Ruth's classes and Fees. Ruth will teach 38 weeks in 2020 and her dates will be posted in classes and here. There will be a break in between each Session. Payments for Sessions hold your space in the class and are due 2 week prior to the new session starting. Annual fee payments are a one time a year payment and save you 15% towards the classes.