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Shane Marie King

Shane Marie's journey began 30 years ago as a classically trained dancer where she learned that being connected to her body and expressing her emotions through movement, was very healing. As she grew, her search for ways to stay connected led her to Yoga and Massage Therapy.

Shane Marie has been practicing both yoga & massage for 14 years. She also has been teaching since 2013. She has studied in the Iyengar tradition with Ruth Fisk, CIYT for 14 years and has apprenticed with her for 8 years. She has also attended 3 separate  Anandalay Yoga Study Programs with Ruth. Shane Marie's study of yoga has included two adventures to India for a month long immersion with Jehangir Palkivala and has attended all of his Michigan based workshops.


Shane Marie also received a Liberal Arts degree from LCC in 1994 and is the owner/operator of Nirvanam Art of Healing.  She continues to dance and teach dance as well.

 "Teaching has always come naturally to me. It feels like my soul is home. The thing I love about teaching is as I share my knowledge and experience and guide students on their journey through growth & healing, my own capacity for these thing becomes greater. I think we are all seeking connection, something deeper in ourselves, to bring more meaning into daily living. I love to see the "light' come on and students have an "Aha" moment when they find that connection to themselves."

- Shane Marie King


Phone: 517.282.6205




Yoga for Health Challenges

10:30-11:45 am  -  Studio 3

Session $96 (6 Weeks)

Gentle Yoga - All Levels

6-7:15 pm  -  Studio 3

Session $96 (6 Week)

 Accepts: Cash, Check & PayPal @ (please use Friends & Family)

Contact: Call or Text 517-282-6205, or Facebook.

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